A message from Rick McKeever, VP of
Southern Auto Parts since 1980:

My grandfather Earl Johnson, and my dad
Clive McKeever came to Longview in 1955,
and purchased Acme Auto Parts located
at 1801 Hwy. 80 West in Longview.

The business grew fast and performed
well, and in 1975 they acquired Southern
Auto Parts (at our current address), with
my Uncle Earl D. Johnson managing the
Acme location, while my dad managed

In 1980, I came into the business as the
third generation, then my uncle Earl retired
in 1984, at which point both business's
combined to become Southern Auto Parts.

Coincidentally, in the same year, we had a
fire at Southern that started in the shop.

The fire got so bad that it essentially burned
the building to the ground..

At that point, we rebuilt Southern essentially
from the ground up, as the building you see

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